iAiming Clip-on Thermal Scope

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Front attachment to your riflescope, quick transform to a thermal scope

Easy dismount from weapon sight, using as a handheld monocular

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From the design concept stage, the thermal prototype was rapidly developed and tested under a variety of harsh environmental conditions. The compiled database of core component performance guided software upgrades that paved the way towards product commercialization and maintenance regimes.

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Better Image, Effective Spotting
Image detail enhancement
Smart processing of RAW image frames, intelligent frame detailing and emphasis based on smart scene recognition and improved target identification.

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  • Uinwin Smart Pty Ltd. Co.,Ltd.
  • Uinwin Smart Pty Ltd. Co.,Ltd.
  • Uinwin Smart Pty Ltd. Co.,Ltd.
Uinwin Smart Pty Ltd. Co.,Ltd.

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By employing unbeatable design and smart manufacturing, our leading core technology provides better serviceability.


    IP66 standards

    All components in the scope, including battery, are designed in accordance with IP66 standards.


    extreme environmental

    High reliability and structural strength ensures flawless function under extreme environmental conditions ranging from -40℃ to +50℃.


    fully waterproof

    The fully waterproof design handles all working conditions, even if the thermal weapon sight is exposed to water for an extended period.


Model Number  IA-317C
Sensor Type VOx Uncooled
Sensor Resolution 384×288
Sensor Pixel Pitch 17μm
Response Wave Length 8um-14um
Frame Rate 50Hz
NETD ≤50mk@25℃/F1.0
Objective Lens 35mm F1.0
Focus mode Manual Focusing
Field of View 10.6°×8°
Display Type OLED, 0.39’’, colorful
Display Resolution XGA: 1024×768
Display Pixel 7.6um×7.6um
Detection range (Human, 1.8m) 1000m
Magnification (Optional Eyepiece) 2.5
Installation type Screw joint
Battery Type CR123A type Batteryⅹ2
External Power Supply 5V(Type-C)
Operating Time on Original Battery ≥3hrs.
Weight 500g
Dimensions 156×62×65(mm)
Degree of Protection, IP code IP66
Operating Temperature -40℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature -50℃~+60℃


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