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Smart Technology Makes You an Expert

July 08, 2020

UNIWIN SMART PTY LTD is a high-tech R&D manufacturing and sales Australian company. The barnd iAiming thermal scope developed by UNIWIN SMART PTY LTD provides globally patented First Shot Sight-in feature throughout the entire product line, easy and automated sight-in is achieved.

Our slogan is “Smart Technology Makes You an Expert, Hunter’s Edge, First Shot Auto Zero.” iAiming turns any ordinary shooter into a great marksman, a true helper for your hunting trip.

Uinwin Smart Pty Ltd. Co.,Ltd.

    First Shot
    Auto Zero

    Anyone, anywhere, anytime, one shot zero, in one minute.
    No helper is needed, no tools required, all done by shooter. No more waste of bullets, time, and need of experience.

    Single scroll-knob
    guided operation

    One Scroll-knob menu operation made control of the thermal scope so easy. You may operate the unit with gloves on. In menu operation guide will assist you to choose the right option every single time, so, relax and shoot.

    Smart solution enhances the
    image quality and stability

    The compiled database of core component performance guided software upgrades that paved the way towards product commercialization and maintenance regimes. The real-time auto non-uniformity compensation technology enhances the image quality and stability.